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Why do Teens Find it Harder to Quit Smoking Cigarettes?


If you are an adult and ever tried to stop smoking cigarettes, you realize how hard it can be. But have you ever before found yourself asking yourself why teenagers have a more challenging time quitting smoking cigarettes than grownups. Young adults are faced with an entirely different collection of obstacles when attempting to quit cigarette smoking than are adults.

Whether you may realize it or otherwise, teen cigarette smoking is one of the significant troubles found in our culture. Moms and dads who have teens that smoke cigarettes locate numerous obstacles attempting to obtain their teenagers to give up – Or to maintain them from beginning the routine to begin with.

Teen cigarette smoking had actually gotten on the decline since the mid to late 1990s. Yet information that has actually come out simply recently is beginning to reveal that smoking amongst teenagers is once again on the rise.

As adults we understand the serious long-lasting health dangers as well as consequences of adolescent cigarette smoking. We are all too knowledgeable about the proof pointing to chronic cigarette smoking relevant conditions. However, we question why some teenagers have a tendency to disregard this evidence and also begin smoking in the face of the numerous reasons they should not.

Among the various different factors given for the problems in teenagers stopping cigarette smoking are family and friends who smoke, peer stress, and marketing geared toward teens. Some of the various other factors may include a natural rebelliousness of the teen, or cigarette smoking to the soothe feelings of stress and anxiety or unhappiness.

In the areas that follow, we take into consideration some of the reasons that teens may have a more difficult time stopping smoking and also how you may, as that teen’s parent Or guardian, may begin to assist.

Moms and dads Who Smoke

If you are a parent that smokes can you honestly be asking yourself why it is harder for your teens to stop cigarette smoking?

We commonly find that teens tend to mimic the people in her surroundings with whom they feel the closest. Having older siblings and also sis or parents who smoke cigarettes is among the biggest risk variables for adolescent smoking cigarettes. This is one time you do not want your kids to copy your behavior.

Teenagers having parents who are smokers have a higher tendency to be smokers themselves. By smoking cigarettes themselves, parents establish an instance as well as send a signal to their teens to “do as I say however not as I do.” For much better or worse, teenagers are mosting likely to “do as you do.”

In many houses today, young adults are simply modeling themselves after their moms and dads, or various other grownups or supposed good example staying in their homes.

If you are a smoker as well as have youngsters, you actually must stop smoking before your children pick up on your behavior. If your teenagers have already started smoking cigarettes, you should set the instance by showing to them exactly how to stop smoking cigarettes.

Peer Pressure

Another piece of the challenge concerning why it is harder for teenagers to quit cigarette smoking relates to peer pressure.

Being accepted amongst one’s peers is an effective incentive for adolescents. These youngsters wanting to fit in with their social teams go to a high threat for habits such as smoking cigarettes.

Sometimes a teenager will certainly smoke as a means of showing disobedience. Breaking college policies and also parental policies by cigarette smoking can be viewed as an initiation rite in some teenage social circles.

Some teens smoke to be trendy or to be independent yet they all appear to have the very same wish to harmonize their peers, close friends, or the social team that they believe is amazing.

Advertising and marketing

Although you’ll discover great deals of young adults admitting to peer pressure as a significant reason for beginning to smoke, various other teenagers state cigarette advertising and marketing additionally contributed in their decision to begin smoking. You can think obviously that individuals in the cigarette sector blame several various other factors besides the advertisements they are spending billions of bucks on.

Matthew Myers, president of Campaign for Cigarette Free Children, says that the most vital clients for tobacco companies are teens. Advertising is made use of by tobacco companies to convince teenagers that cigarette smoking is awesome states Myers.

Cigarette ads tend to glamorize cigarette smoking by making smoking appear to be trendy and also hip. According to psycho therapist John Pierce, PhD, of the Cancer Cells Prevention and also Control Program at the University of The Golden State, San Diego, “Cigarette advertising and marketing liquifies youngsters’s resistance to smoking cigarettes with enjoyable graphics such as Joe Camel that present smoking cigarettes as fun, great and also a typical part of living the ‘great life’.”.

These are just a few of the reasons that researchers really feel that part of the initiatives to keep kids from smoking cigarettes ought to concentrate on educating youngsters regarding the control of young people that is so widespread in the tobacco market today.

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