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When Is the Right Time to Increase Your CBD Dose?


CBD is gaining popularity as users rave about its benefits, such as better sleep, reduced stress, and increased energy. After taking CBD regularly, you may need to increase the CBD oil dosage or potency. It is not possible to calculate the best way to increase CBD oil potency or dosage frequency for your personal needs. However, there are some signs that indicate you need to make a change to maximize the benefits of CBD.

Start with a Low Potency, Low Dose Schedule

There are more and more studies showing CBD can be beneficial for supporting well-being. A quick search on Clinical reveals 440+ ongoing or planned studies on CBD’s impact on sleep, skin, and more. Some studies even explore the efficacy of low dosages of cannabidiol for mild to moderate pain relief.

While the medical community is fascinated with CBD as a treatment, there is still ongoing research on different CBD potencies and doses. In the meantime, it is best, to begin with a CBD oil of low potency and follow the dosing schedule provided by the CBD producer on the product’s label.

Potency is a technical term that refers to the relationship between the effect of a substance and its dose. When a product is called high potency, it means that even a small dose has a powerful impact. The term efficacy refers to the maximum response that a substance can elicit. The interactions of the substance in the body include absorption and metabolism, which all affect bioavailability. This is why it’s important to monitor the effects of CBD.

Each individual is different in how they process CBD. CBD potency can be expressed in doses, for example, 25mg of CBD for a serving size or 0.5ml. You would take 50mg of CBD in one ml if you used a full dropper.

There is no standard CBD dosage, so you will need to experiment with the dose that works best for you. The amount of CBD that is right for you depends on factors such as your metabolic rate, body weight, type of CBD products, food eaten, and more.

Increase the CBD Oil Dose

Oral CBD products are edibles such as gummies or cookies. CBD oil tinctures can increase bioavailability, as the CBD is absorbed straight into the bloodstream. The bioavailability of CBD tincture was found to be between 4-20% in various research studies, though further research is still required.

The low bioavailability of CBD oil is one of the reasons why consumers may wish to increase the strength of the oil or the amount taken daily. When you don’t feel the desired effects of CBD after one or two weeks, it is time to increase your CBD oil intake.

Researchers have discovered that CBD can be retained in the muscle, liver, and fat tissues. A study was conducted to determine the recommended CBD oral dosage regimens for each individual based on their gender, body composition, and muscle and fat content. You need to increase CBD before you can determine its effects.

How to Increase CBD Concentration, Dose Number, or Both

You can increase your CBD consumption in three ways:

  1. Take CBD oil more than once a day. For example, you could add a midday dose to your morning and evening doses.
  2. Increase the potency while keeping the same dose schedule. For example, you could take 25mg of CBD once or twice daily, but instead, take 30mg.
  3. Both are possible – increase the potency of CBD and increase the daily doses.

The milligrams of CBD are used to express the dosage. CBD is available in 10mg, 25mg, 30mg, 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg potencies. You can begin with CBD oil which has a potency of 10mg and take 5mg twice a day if you’re a new user. Then, you can increase the dose amount gradually each week. For example, you could take 5mg twice daily.

It is important to monitor how you feel after taking CBD to know when to increase your intake. CBD oil has the advantage of being easy to take. For example, let’s say the CBD oil contains 25mg of CBD in each serving, which is equivalent to half a dropper. Add a few extra drops to a half-dropper of CBD oil to increase the CBD doses with precision.

Listen to Your Body

CBD dosage is based on the frequency of CBD doses and CBD potency that best suits your needs. Many people take CBD to improve their sleep or reduce stress. The CBD dosage you need is the one that helps you achieve the goal of taking CBD.

A study conducted in New Zealand determined the impact of CBD on 400 New Zealand patients and found that patients’ overall health quality improved. Side effects included an improvement in sleep and appetite. If you are taking prescription medications, you should consult your doctor before increasing your CBD dosage, as CBD can interfere with some medicines.

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