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Use of Raw CBD flowers – A Beginner’s Guide


Raw CBD flowers are more natural, pure, and concentrated than other forms of CBD. No additional ingredients are added, therefore, have enhanced effectiveness. Most consumers choose other CBD products instead of flowers, consequently, do not know how to use raw CBD flowers.

First off, it is safe to consume and has varying therapeutic effects for recreational consumers and patients suffering from chronic diseases and anxiety. Follow along to learn about how CBD flowers can be used.

About Raw CBD Flower

The Raw CBD flower is found in the pure state without the addition of other ingredients. It is more effective and divided into three categories: Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains. Each CBD flower category delivers unique effects based on its terpene profiles.

An effective, safe-to-consume flower has a negligible THC concentration, nearly 0.3%. The consumer will be in an active state and ready to perform regular activities even after consuming the flower.

How to Use Raw CBD flowers?

Raw CBD flowers can be consumed using different techniques, mainly cannabis consumers prefer smoking. Common ways to use raw CBD flowers include

Smoking – Commonly, CBD consumers prefer smoking, however, it is dangerous and less effective. Inhaling smoke deliver unrivaled experience and ensure quicker absorption. It directly enters the bloodstream allowing the person to feel effects within 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This way of consumption allows consumers to quickly feel stronger effects.

Vaping – Consume raw CBD hemp flowers using tabletop vape, dry herb vaporizer, or other vaping devices. With this method, flavonoids and terpenes remain preserved which are responsible for providing a sense of relief.

Infusing Raw CBD Flower with Other Ingredients

Using this technique, use more or less amount of CBD flower as per your needs. Some ready-made infusions are available in the market that contains CBD flower and other ingredients. Additionally, you can buy a CBD flower and add ingredients and flavors of your liking.

Make a customized infusion by researching the natural effects of herbs, plants, fruits, spices, and flavors. Once the ingredients are decided, put the crushed CBD flower in the infuser and add ingredients. Add milk, butter, or cream to make a good mixture and enjoy a comforting drink.

Use CBD Flower With Food

Besides drinking, cook the flower before eating it. This method will ensure long-lasting effects, however, takes a long time to digest. Moreover, consumers can tailor the CBD dosage depending on the kind of experience you want to achieve.

Grind the flower into smaller pieces and mix them in whatever dish you are preparing, preferably, biscuits, brownies, and pastries. Mix flowers with a fatty substance like butter over low heat to feel the intense effects.

CBD Flower Spray

Consumers familiar with smoking and vaping know how to vaporize the CBD flower. It is less harmful to health than smoking and vaping and allows you to inhale CBD-rich vapors.

Cut the required amount of flower into smaller crumbs, put them in the plant material vaporizer, and set the temperature to around 170°.

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