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The Ultimate Cannabis Delivery Guide


With the drastic increase in doorstep cannabis drop-offs, Cannabis delivery is a booming business as most restrictions on cannabis production and delivery have begun to ease. Since it is more convenient to order online than to have an awkward encounter with dispensary operators, more and more consumers like to go the cannabis delivery route.

During the pandemic, many businesses suffered, however, the cannabis delivery business witnessed exceptional growth. Owing to the high demand and a huge consumer base, most dispensaries are adjusting their business models to start a weed delivery service to serve consumers nationwide.

Search about the State Laws

Since it is legalized to consume cannabis, it does not mean that the aspiring business owner has permission to deliver weed. Still, it is not lawful to deliver cannabis in many states, therefore, search about the laws to know if you can start a cannabis delivery service and in which states you can deliver.

Only a few people care to know about the intricacies of cannabis laws and whether or not it is illegal to sell and deliver cannabis in their areas. Knowing about the local laws will help you create a better business plan and decide on the locations where the order will be delivered.

Requirements of a Cannabis Delivery Service

Similar to other businesses, a person can not start a cannabis delivery service without having a proper business plan in place. Include the basic requirements, budget, locations, employees, funding, and other important aspects of the business.

  • Delivery Vehicles – At the start, you may want to use a personal vehicle for delivery, however, use the insured vehicle and hire a licensed driver that can handle the delivery of cannabis goods. Do not imprint any markings indicating that it is carrying weed orders to avoid robbery.
  • GPS Device – Install the GPS tracking device to know the location of the vehicle and help customers track shipments.
  • Inventory – In the beginning, only buy sufficient inventory to complete the order. Also, store cannabis stock in a dry and cool place at an appropriate temperature, around 70 degrees. High or low temperatures will affect the pharmacological effects of the weed.

Choose the delivery location wisely, it is not possible to deliver cannabis goods to all cities due to the restrictions on the sale and delivery of cannabis. It is wise to deliver to locations where there are a large number of consumers and a few or no dispensaries selling cannabis. With time, the business thrives, and delivering to more locations would be possible.


It is a no-brainer that you have to get the required licenses and permits before starting the cannabis delivery vancouver and investing in business assets.

Invest in Software to Streamline the Delivery Process

It is essential to the success of the business to follow an efficient delivery process to deliver orders on time. Google Maps is not the only tool required for faster deliveries of cannabis goods. Many advanced tools are more useful for delivery teams than Google Maps.

These all-inclusive tools help drivers to take fast routes, facilitate GPS tracking, update customers about the location, and send confirmation messagesl after delivering an order successfully.

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