Growing ginger yourself is not difficult at all, even though the plant is not native to us at all. So there is not need anymore to go to the supermarket to buy it. You can save the next trip by growing it yourself and have more time to check vave casino review.


Ginger has not only a unique taste, but also many health-promoting properties. You can get the tubers in almost every supermarket. The pieces you can buy there, however, have long transport routes behind them. This does not have to be the case, because ginger is one of those foods that always grow again. 

By the way: If ginger comes from Germany, it is grown in heated greenhouses or foils. Outdoors, the climate in our latitudes is not mild enough.


To grow ginger you need:

  • a piece of ginger root with a vegetation node
  • a pot (e.g. at** Avocadostore)
  • peat-free potting soil (e.g. at** Memolife)
  • a glass or alternatively cling film
  • a rubber ring or a piece of string
  • a sharp knife


Vegetation node on the ginger: This allows the root to sprout and you can plant the ginger.

Vegetation node on ginger: This allows the root to sprout and you can plant the ginger. (Photo: CC0/pixabay/pixaa_9)

Whether bought at the supermarket or left over from cooking, it’s important that the ginger root is as fresh and firm as possible so it can still sprout.

Cut the ginger root into pieces about five centimeters in size. You must make sure that there is a so-called “vegetation node” on each piece, otherwise the root cannot sprout. At vegetation nodes (the small lumps, see photo) the cells divide later, and the plant can continue to grow in these places.

Take the pieces and place them cut-side down in the pot filled with soil.

Cover them thinly with potting soil.

If you want to speed up the germination process, you can build a mini-greenhouse by stretching plastic wrap with rubber over the pot. To avoid plastic waste, we recommend you put a glass jar upside down over the pot instead. The only thing that matters is that enough humidity builds up. When the first shoots appear, remove the protection. 

Make sure that the plant is warm and bright – but without direct sunlight.

If you water it regularly with low-lime water and avoid waterlogging, your plant will thrive quickly and can grow 60 to 120 centimeters tall.

Harvest: When the leaves turn yellow, the tuber has its typical intense flavor and can be dug up.


Ginger tea is easy to make yourself. Its positive effect on colds, travel sickness, migraines and digestive problems makes ginger a versatile home remedy.

Make your own ginger tea from one ingredient

Making ginger tea yourself is not witchcraft. For a cup of ginger tea, you only need one piece of an organic ginger tuber – the slightly shriveled ones are usually a bit spicier and therefore better for tea.


It takes approximately 5 minutes. And it is super healthy and delicious. 

  1. Wash the ginger root.
  2. Do not peel the ginger. Especially in the peel hide many important ingredients that make up the healthy effect of ginger.
  3. Cut off a piece of the root about three to five centimeters in size.
  4. Either cut the piece into thin slices or finely grate it with a vegetable slicer (online at **Memolife, for example).
  5. Put the ginger in a cup and pour hot water over it.
  6. Let it steep for about ten minutes, covered. That’s it! Depending on your preference, you can sweeten it with honey or a vegan alternative.

Enjoy the tea as hot as possible and sip it before or with meals.

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