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Creative Ways to Store Your Cannabis For Maximum Potency


Knowing how to store your weed is very important so as to ensure it does not lose its potency. It doesn’t matter what strain or flavor you choose; it could lose its freshness if not stored properly. Since cannabis is a plant you consume, either by smoking or through edibles, it should be well stored and preserved. Undoubtedly, consuming marijuana gives a feel-good moment just like live betting sports at 20Bet.

Proper storage is very important for your cannabis; you don’t just leave it in the plastic bag after getting it from the dispensary. Most consumers use plastic bags to store their weed for a long time, which is not very effective, but at least it does work and is cheap. However, most experts and dispensaries would advise against storing your cannabis in a plastic bag. 

Various factors can affect the freshness and potency of your cannabis. Temperature, humidity, and air are all elements that can affect your weed, which can lead to the formation of molds. Apart from storing your cannabis in ways to ensure its potency, it is also important to keep it away from the reach of kids and animals. Furthermore, there are different storage methods for the different stages of your cannabis. Your cannabis flower, ground flowers, and pre-rolled joints have their own storage means. Here are some tips on how to store your marijuana for maximum potency. 

Storage Containers

When we talk of storage containers, we don’t just mean any; the material used for the container is crucial. So far, glass has proven to be the best material for storing your cannabis flower. It is best to avoid metal or plastic containers, as their material can affect the taste and flavor of your cannabis flower. In addition, ceramic containers are also another acceptable container storage method. 

Storage containers are one of the cheapest and most effective ways of storing your cannabis flower. Mason jars are the readily available option as they are easy and cheap to get. Once you get the jar, all you have to do is sterilize it and leave it to dry before putting it in your cannabis flower. However, there are also specialized storage containers created by weed storage experts to ensure maximum potency, but they are on the expensive side. 

Vacuum Sealed Plastic Bags(For Short term Storage)

It is not advisable to store your weed in plastic bags for a long time. For maximum potency, most experts would recommend against keeping your cannabis in plastic bags for more than a month. However, vacuum sealing your plastic bags can prevent air from getting to your cannabis, and air is a major element that can affect its potency. Furthermore, vacuum sealing your plastic bags helps reduce the smell which further improves their shelf life. 

Vacuum-sealed plastic bags are also good for storing pre-rolled joints or blunts. However, it is best to consume them within 30 days to get the best out of them. 

Avoid Refrigerating your Cannabis Flower

There is an occurring trait amongst cannabis users, especially the younger generation, which is storing their cannabis flower in the fridge or freezer. There is a high chance of molding when you use this method of storage for your cannabis. Besides, moldy cannabis is very violent on the throat and is not enjoyable. Furthermore, you don’t want to run the risk of your fridge losing power, which would cause the air to become humid and promote mold growth.

Edibles like gummies are perfect for storing in the freeze, and it is even better than storing in a glass container. So, by keeping edibles in the freezer, you can retain their flavor and taste for a long period, reaching up to a year. Therefore, edibles are the perfect marijuana product to keep in the freezer rather than the flower. 

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