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Are the Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes Overrated


Let’s face it; E-cigarettes have historically gotten much bad publicity. So it might be challenging to understand the possible advantages of switching from traditional cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products because of taste limits, outright prohibition, fear-mongering, and unilateral judgments about your access as an adult smoker.

But somebody has got to talk about the benefits of e-cigarettes! So that’s exactly what we are going to do in this blog. What are the advantages of using nicotine vapes? Are they overrated? Are they better than usual cigarettes? Let’s jump straight into the solution to these questions.

Here are some not-so-overrated benefits of E-Cigarettes.
Much safer than cigarettes!

You won’t hear the FDA or the medical establishments say this, but E-cigarettes aren’t as harmful to your health as the media portrays them. In reality, prestigious institutions like Public Health England and the British Royal College of Physicians concur that smoking cigarettes are less dangerous. For example, public Health England has claimed that E-cigarettes are at least 95% less hazardous than their combustible tobacco competitors.

In contrast to smoking cigarettes, which produce vapor through combustion, using an e-cigarette to vape nicotine doesn’t. After lighting a cigarette and taking your first drag, you immediately start breathing in large amounts of tar and carbon monoxide. Both of which have a significant impact on a variety of health issues in the future.

Cheaper and accessible

It’s a more available and approachable alternative to smoking. Yes, there are way too many cigarette brand variants. However, they might not be as widely available as vape pens. It’s also an excellent option for folks considering quitting smoking or using nicotine replacement treatment. E-cigarettes are far easier to use and more readily available online than anything else.

There are no lies in the fact that smoking cigarettes are expensive. You would require a substantial monthly sum of money to smoke it out. E-cigarettes, however, is a far less costly choice. Although you initially have to spend more on the devices and accessories, it becomes considerably less expensive over time. The e-liquids are very reasonably priced too.

Goodbye to the terrible cigarette smell forever

nicotine vapesNobody likes the unpleasant smell that comes from smoking cigarettes. Usually, it gives the impression that the establishment where the smell comes from is dishonest and filthy. In addition, the tobacco scent stays for a very long period in your house and vehicle, as well as on your clothing. It is exhausting to constantly try to use an air freshener and laundry scent to get rid of that stench.

E-Cigarettes eliminate the lingering, strong tobacco odor while reducing this odor. The vapor produced by them is often light and fleeting. The scent of burnt tobacco does not persist after using tobacco-flavored vapes. With E-Cigarettes, you may indulge in the habit of smoking without having to deal with the adverse effects and lingering bad smells.

Nicotine levels in check

Here’s something you’ve probably forgotten to consider: nicotine use. A typical complete pack of cigarettes contains about 19 mg of nicotine. You consume nearly that tiny amount of nicotine every day. Of course, that’s presuming you can eliminate a whole pack in one day. E-Cigarettes give you the flexibility to choose your nicotine consumption. You get to decide how much nicotine you want to ingest.

Environmentally friendly

When you start investing in refillable pods, they might be ecologically favorable regarding vape waste. These are excellent tools for reducing the trash that some disposable vapes may produce. But unfortunately, when it comes to tobacco cigarettes, many end up on the floor, creating significant environmental issues. Traditional cigarettes can result in numerous problems that e-cigarettes don’t, whether dumped into bodies of water or thrown around indiscriminately on the street.

So many flavors!

The e-juice that powers E-Cigarettes come in a wide range of flavors. If vanilla is your choice, get an e-juice that will excite your taste buds and make you taste like your favorite vanilla treat. This taste option is generally available in most shops and establishments and is reasonably practical.

Do you like smoking hookah but don’t do it often because of how expensive it is? Worry not! You can choose a hookah flavor and enjoy it without burning a hole in your pocket! You can alter the taste as per your choice and get going! For those with specific allergies, E-Cigarettes are an even more fantastic option.

You can even smoke in no-smoking areas.

There are several areas where E-Cigarettes are permitted, but smoking tobacco is not. As with cigarettes, indoor use of E-Cigarettes equipment is not yet prohibited. However, depending on where you are, you could find that e-cigarettes are subject to limitations; some nations even forbid them entirely.

Having the ability to vape inside in particular circumstances may be helpful if you wish to stop smoking.

It’s easier to quit E-Cigarettes.

It is far simpler to gradually cut back on E-Cigarettes than it is to regulate your use of tobacco products. However, given the variety of available strengths, it might be easier to control your body’s overall nicotine consumption. It implies that you may gradually reduce your nicotine intake over time if you’ve tried E-Cigarettes as a substitute and want to stop using them altogether.

It is much more “acceptable” by society.

E-cigarettes are a terrific method to lessen the stigma that smoking might bring about if you want to stop smoking. Traditional cigarettes are consistently demonized as unhealthy, whereas E-Cigarettes are frequently viewed as a better choice. E-cigarettes, a successful type of nicotine replacement treatment, have lessened the stigma associated with smoking, especially for individuals attempting to give up.


In a word, using e-cigarettes make it safer and better to enjoy tobacco products’ tastes and smoke responsibly without suffering long-term consequences. Vape pens let you enjoy yourself while protecting your lungs.

Finally, to answer the question – No! The benefits of e-cigarettes are not overrated! Keep the flame alive with a comfortable e-cigarette that is affordable, discreet, and enjoyable to use.

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